Clearance Pools


These round and oval steel above-ground pools are being cleared out to make room for next year’s stock.  You can get the pool with an accessory package, or by itself.  The Quality Package includes a Hayward filter system with hoses, resin A-frame safety ladder, pool vacuum system, and a skimmer net.  They’re leftovers, so once they’re gone, THEY’RE GONE!!


  • 24’x48″ round………$1389 or $2099 w/ package
  • 12’x16′ 48″ oval…….$1149 or $1779 w/ package     SOLD OUT
  • 12’x24′ 48″ oval…….$1469 or $2199 w/ package  SOLD OUT
  • 12’x18′ 52″ oval Aluminum Sandora…….$1999 or $2769 w/ package  SOLD OUT
  • Don’t miss out on the Strong Venetian 54″ on clearance!