Doughboy Pools

Already planning your summer vacation?  This year, why not choose a staycation in your own backyard?  Invest in a Doughboy and keep your family healthy and happy for years to come!  65 years ago Doughboy invented the first portable pool. Since then, they’ve lead the industry with their quality products and innovations.  That’s why only Doughboy offers a deep swimming area that expands up to 7 feet deep, lifetime warranties and a wide range of attractive designs to match your unique style.  Doughboy gives you more options than you can dream of:  above-ground or buried, 12′ rounds to 41’x21′ ovals, beautiful liners and pool walls, steel or resin construction, and 11 different models to choose from.  Only Doughboy can offer you the ability to adjust the height of the visible pool wall from 54″ down to only 6″ above the ground giving you exactly what you are looking for.  Check out the different Doughboy models below.  Click this link for a photo gallery of more Doughboy pools.


All pool models are available in both round and oval sizes.

Tuscany 52″ Granite Resin

Sapphire 52″ Resin

Desert Spring 52/54″ Resin

Autumn Breeze 52″ Resin

Palm Shore 52″ Steel

Silver Lake 52″ Steel

Copper Canyon 48/52″ Steel

Sand Dollar 48″ Steel