Active Cleaning Caplet System

No more fighting to keep your pool’s cyanuric acid levels under control.*  Now you can chlorinate your pool with a product that is made to go in the pool’s thru-wall skimmer and not cause you to overstabilize the water.

*Research by the Independent Plasterers Council have shown that high cyanuric acid levels decrease the effectiveness of chlorine, lead to etching and pitting of plaster pool surfaces, and make it more difficult to control algae.

1.  Chlorinate & Clarify with Active Cleaning Caplets.  20% more chlorine than 3″ trichlor tablets.  Plastic wrapping makes handling chemicals hassle-free.  Add caplets to the skimmer, and it’s safe for pool equipment.  Contains no cyanuric acid.

2.  Shock with TurboShock.  Most powerful shock on the market – 78% available chlorine.  1lb bag provides 7.5ppm shock in 12,000 gallons of pool water.  Dissolves quickly and cleanly, added directly to the pool.  Contains no cyanuric acid.

3.  Prevent with AlgaeBomb 30.  Weekly treatment controls algae without causing foaming water.  No prior pH adjustment necessary.  Works in 24 hours.