Brite Stix System

POOLIFE® Brite Stix™ sanitizer – it’s the only compact and convenient sanitizing stick that contains the exclusive CCT™ additive to kill algae and clarify and soften your water at the same time.  And it’s designed to be used in the pool’s skimmer – no feeder required!  This sanitizer stick is unlike any other on the market.  Here’s a list of what Brite Stix™ do:

  • Sanitizes and softens pool water
  • Kills bacteria and algae
  • For skimmer use ONLY
  • Slow-dissolving technology
  • Gentle on equipment and liners
  • Reduces scale formation
  • Stabilized sanitization
  • Clarifies pool water
  • Chlorinates for up to two weeks
  • Contains blue crystals for algae protection