Multipurpose Tablet System

There’s nothing like the blue-speckled tablets in the POOLIFE Multipurpose Tablet System!  This is no ordinary chlorine system.  Multipurpose means that you chlorinate, clarify, protect, and more in just one, weekly 3-step treatment.


1.  Chlorinate, Clarify, and Prevent Algae with Multipurpose 3″ Tabs.  Blue Crystal technology sets the system apart from ordinary tabs.  One tablet does three jobs: sanitizes, prevents algae and clarifies.  Can be used in any trichlor feeder or floater.  Contains less cyanuric acid than conventional trichlor tablets.

2.  Shock with TurboShock.  Most powerful shock on the market – 78% available chlorine.  1 lb bag provides 7.5ppm shock in 12,000 gallons of pool water.  Dissolves quickly and cleanly, added directly to the pool.  Contains no cyanuric acid.

3.  Sparkle and Protect with Pool Plus.  Adds sparkle and enhances water quality.  Prevents precipitation of minerals.  Protects equipment and surfaces from stains, scale and rust.