PDC Spas

Once you have added the many benefits a hot tub can bring to your daily lifestyle, you’ll wonder why you waited so long.  Step into the warm, massaging waters and let the tension and stress melt away.  Those annoying minor aches and pains are soothed, offering a better nights sleep.  You wake up refreshed, renewed and ready to tackle the day.

It’s the simple things that make your life whole.  Enjoy the glow of a starry night, the wonder of a full moon, the smile of a loved one, or a quiet conversation with a friend even more when experienced in the quiet solitude of your spa.  With a hot tub from PDC Spas, your backyard becomes an outdoor oasis where you’ll discover a more fulfilling, healthier way of life.

Antigua LX

Antigua LX- 82″sq x 39″deep

Aruba LX

Aruba LX- 86″sq x 37″deep

Bali LX

Bali LX- 94″sq x 39″deep

Biscayne LX

Biscayne LX- 90″x79″ x 37″deep

Cabo LX

Cabo LX- 60″x84″ x 33″deep

Dynasty LX

Dynasty LX- 67″x82″ x 31″deep

Fiji LX

Fiji LX- 94″sq x 39″ deep

Reno LX

Reno LX- 86″sq x 37″deep

Rio LX

Rio LX- 82″diam x 37″deep

Antero SE

Antero SE- 60″x84″ x 33″deep

Boulder SE

Boulder SE- 82″sq x 36″deep

Columbia SE

Columbia SE- 76″sq x 31″deep

Denali SE

Denali SE- 82″sq x 39″deep

Everest SE

Everest SE- 94″sq x 39″deep

Vancouver SE

Vancouver SE- 78″oct x 37″deep


Amazon- 76″sq x 31″deep


Congo- 60″x84″ x 33″deep


Danube- 94″sq x 39″deep


Nile- 82″sq x 36″deep


Yukon- 82″sq x 39″deep