Poolife Pool Care

Owning a pool can make every day seem like a vacation, but your pool needs care and attention in order to get the most out of it.  Clear, beautiful, sparkling water doesn’t just happen by accident.  Here’s the POOLIFE® Pool Care Guide to help you achieve that brilliant water quality you desire.  POOLIFE® Pool Care Guide

Follow this routine for hassle-free pool care:

  • Run the pump and filter at least 8-12 continuous hours per day.  Many water problems can be prevented if you don’t shortcut this step.  Also, maintain proper pump and filter operation at all times.  You can do everything right from a chemical standpoint, but if your pump and filter is not working correctly, you’ll have problems.
  • Backwash the filter regularly, per the manufacturer’s instructions.  Clean out the thru-wall skimmer and pump strainer baskets as needed.  Also, chemically clean your filter at least twice during the season using the proper filter cleaner for your chemical system.
  • Be a good housekeeper.  Perform the routine tasks faithfully and on a consistent basis.  Keep all equipment and the area around the pool clean.  Skim the pool surface daily with a skimmer net, and brush the pool walls and bottom once a week with an 18″ wall brush.  Vacuum the pool as needed.
  • Follow the timetable on page 17 of the Pool Care Guide for water testing, using your test strips or liquid test kit.  If you are having problems with your water, please bring a water sample in a clean bottle to the water lab at Quality Pools & Spas by Dick Mackey.  Whether you are having water problems or not, bring a water sample to the lab once a month, and also when you are opening and closing your pool.

POOLIFE® Chlorine Systems

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